This is mainly very good news. You know what I love? Scandal. You know who I  love?  Lisa Kudrow. Of all the actors and especially, of all the people who would kind of rather we forgot that they were famous from a show that began in the mid-90s, Lisa Kudrow is my favourite. She’s going to play a recurring character in season 3.

What kills me is that for some people,  this will be the first time in a long time that they’ve seen Kudrow. “Oh she’s back!” they’ll say, as if Valerie Cherish never graced our screens at all.   

I know that if you don’t know about Valerie, that you’re stealthily googling right now, and that it’s not a far jump from there before you discover Web Therapy, if you haven’t already. And I’ll save my lectures, because you’re not listening anyway, you’re just wondering if it’s gross to carry your laptop into the bathroom while you continue your binge-watch.  

So instead I’ll just talk about how, in addition to everything else about Shonda Rhimes that gets short shrift, she doesn’t get enough credit for bringing powerful women of a certain age to the screen. She did it on Grey’s Anatomy and to a lesser extent on Private Practice (mostly because swallowing that Kate Walsh is ‘of a certain age’ makes all of us want to vomit).    

But Lisa Kudrow is 50.  And will be playing a politician. And I bet neither of those things is by accident. She will be a rarity in the fictional onscreen DC as well as in the cast. After all, let’s be honest – the most ridiculous thing about Olivia Pope and Associates is that most of them have yet to pass their 30th birthdays.  So Kudrow will lend the show some welcome gravitas.

That’s not to say I want she and Olivia to be buddies, though. Olivia doesn’t really have female friends, have you noticed?  She’s friendly with Cyrus, and James, and was with Billy – but notsomuch with the ladies. I wonder when Mellie is going to make a large, public point of making this known?

Scandal premieres October 3rd.

Attached- Lisa Kudrow at the CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party last month.