Stella McCartney’s designs were on display several times on Monday night at the Met Gala but the execution, well, it wasn’t great. Kate Hudson looked like a girl with a tramp stamp right out the trailer park, Gwyneth bored, Rashida’s purple lumpiness was a mess, Rihanna f-cked hers up with a braid, and Madonna complained publicly about looking fat.

Liv Tyler, along with Kate and Gwyneth, is usually one of Stella’s girls. But Liv is also the face of Givenchy, so she had to go with her paycheque that evening. She made up for it however yesterday at the launch of the Stella McCartney boutique at Saks in New York.

LOVE this dress. SO much. I think you have to be careful with it, especially with a certain body type, but it’s amazing on her…except for the shoes. If it were up to me I would have closed the toe.

Anyway, the first trailer for Liv’s next film The Ledge was just released. The Ledge screened at Sundance to some terrible, terrible reviews. Like straight up vicious reviews. For some critics, The Ledge was so ridiculously bad, it made them angry. I didn’t think it was great either. Downright insulting in some parts. But the chemistry between Liv and Charlie Hunnam, I mean if you’re a fan of Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy and wish he and Tara would do it more, well, it’s on in The Ledge. In fact, if you already have a Charlie Hunnam problem, seeing The Ledge might make it worse. He’s pretty hot. I don’t know if that makes up for a sh-tty movie though, at least the iteration at Sundance, it was pretty disappointingly sh-tty. The trailer is below and gives you a sense of what’s between Liv and Charlie. Very swoony.



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