As the Cumberbatch crazies go Twi-Hard on the photo agency. You have to feel for them this week though: Sherlock was shut out at the Emmys and, well, I’m actually surprised Cumberbatch doesn’t have a Nutty Madame of his own.

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch last night after seeing a movie with Liv Tyler. Only the caption on the photos read:

“Actress Liv Tyler and her new boyfriend leaving the Arclight Cinerama Dome after watching a movie in Hollywood, California on September 25, 2012.”

The shame of not even getting a name! An acclaimed actor with no name!

I feel like this is exactly the kind of thing that might bite his ass. And the fans can take care of that soon enough. Scream down a paparazzi and next time he’ll totally remember who he’s shooting.

As for whether or not these two are actually dating -- Liv was once photographed here with Charlie Hunnam and there was speculation that they were together too but it turned out they were just working on a movie so...

I do like the idea though.

Liv and Benedict... you?