They both pimp for Givenchy, and they’re both in Paris, and last night they represented the brand together, and when I saw these photos, the question inevitably became: why not? I could totally be into Liv Tyler and Justin Timberlake.

Only Photo Assumption says they don’t seem to be terribly into each other. Shelfy needn’t worry.

Today Liv turned up for her best girl Stella McCartney’s show. It’s like she always has a friend on rotation, Stella does. If it’s not Gwyneth, it’s Kate Hudson, and if G and K can’t make it, Liv will step in for support. Remember when Kate Bosworth was given a trainee pass and then promptly got herself fired? Now she’s charging $29.99 for lamesh-t jewels online after being banished from the McCartney Club for BFFs. So dumb.

Photos from and Pascal Le Segretain/