Drake loves Rihanna

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 30, 2016 19:10:36 August 30, 2016 19:10:36

I spent last night reading up on all the Drake Loves Rihanna So Much articles, obsessively. Seemed like every outlet, every website had one going. VOGUE posted a timeline of their relationship.  And Vox. And then there were all the articles about whether or not she friendzoned him – the Daily Beast seems to think so. GQ took the opportunity to explain to their readers the concept of curving, which is what, allegedly, Rihanna did to Drake on stage.

Did she though?

Complex disputes that version. And there are indeed several videos that seem to prove that they did indeed kiss and that she didn’t mind:


My favourite video, though, is this one, after the show, as they were heading off the stage. To me, this one is the cutest. Like losers, Kathleen and I watched it over and over again yesterday, squealing:

RIGHT? Come on!!! Get in a rowboat and row it through the birds!

And now ET is saying that for sure they’re dating and have “decided to stop hiding it from everyone”. I mean, as we’ve seen, it’s been most of the year. But, as we’ve also seen, they do this every couple of years. So I will live for this while I can. Let me live for this while I can, although not before the cynic bitch in me points out that Drake has always been very good at this. At what? At trending.

Over and over again Drake trends. When he puts out a video, it becomes a meme. When he releases an album cover, it becomes a meme. And now, when he comes correct, in a tux, to present an award to his girlfriend, it becomes the conversation across the internet. Coincidence or conspiracy.

Rihanna and Drake went out for dinner last night in New York.

Jackson Lee/ Splash News, AKM-GSI

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