Here’s a story about an actor and a model, two long-past-their-glory-days Brits, that obviously has nothing to do about the story of two very-much-in-their-prime American pop stars involved in a fight in an elevator…or does it? Look, I’m not trying to compare Liz Hurley to Beyonce, but I am going to argue that there’s a lesson to be learned, in the wake of the possible beginning of the end of the Knowles/Carter empire, from the fact that Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley had dinner the other night. 

I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone who reads this site that for a hot minute these two were SUCH a big deal. A major part of the whole scandal about Hugh hiring that sex worker was that he’d cheated on poor Liz Hurley. Today, though, can you imagine the collective public feeling strongly one way or the other about anything that happened in Elizabeth Hurley’s personal life? No, you can’t, because the truth is that as you get older your sh-t just naturally settles down, and that is also the point that I’m trying to make about Bey and J.

Look at Hugh and Liz out to dinner (with her new boyfriend no less!). Yes, aging is scary and there will come a point when ageism will render each of us irrelevant to the general public (if we’re fortunate enough to last that long). But there’s also freedom in that. Years after the drama, when the immaturity, and all the bullsh-t of youth have passed us by, we should all be so lucky to be able to just throw on some strappy heels, a pale pink dress and enjoy a dinner with our boyfriend and our ex. It takes wisdom to know to not kick your brother-in-law in an elevator and the rewards for that knowledge is peace and chill-ass dinners. Sign me up.