Last night. The MuchMusic Video Awards. Toronto’s biggest block party, a massive spectacle, an annual tradition, and one of the few events outside New York and LA that draws some of the biggest names of the time.

Lorde performed. Ariana Grande closed the show. Both videos are below. Did you know that after next week, Ariana Grande will be four years older than Lorde? Grande turns 21 on June 26. Lorde is still just 17.

I knew Lorde’s age, because it gets repeated over and over again. But since I don’t pay much attention to Ariana Grande, apart from that one side of her face (as pointed out to me by Ben Mulroney), I thought she was a mega minor. Look at her. You barely want to. You think it might be illegal. But, actually, it’s not.

Grande’s Problem is allegedly the “song of the summer”. It’s not my favourite, but I understand. She’s young, she has the look, there’s the Iggy Azalea factor, Problem is a fun groove for teenagers and young adults on a 3 month bender. I get it, I do. But if it were up to me, there would only be two candidates, the two songs that make me feel things, and in wickedly different ways: Chandelier and Turn Down For What. The first time I saw the video for Turn Down For What it was like I was coming out of a coma.

PS. Big love for my etalk colleague Danielle McGimsie who, maybe I’m biased, was in my mind the best dressed of the night.