Taylor Swift, as we know, as we’ve seen, repeatedly, every day, everywhere, is friends with everyone. With one exception: Katy Perry. OK two. Katy Perry and John Mayer. But two of her friends, Lorde and Ellie Goulding were partying recently with Katy Perry. The evidence is on Instagram.

Here’s what Lorde’s ma posted:



it's @lordemusic as the dancing girl emoji 💃🏽

A photo posted by @sonjayelich on


And Ellie posted it too but then took it down. Please. As if that means we wouldn’t find out:

OMG what will happen to them? Will they get ex-communicated? Probably not. Some members of the Swift Friend Circle have free passes. They’re allowed to go back and forth. Like Taylor Swift would never dare to tell Cara Delevingne who she can and can’t talk to. Cara would knock her out. And Ed Sheeran was cleared to perform with John Mayer at the Grammys.

So how is it decided who gets to cross lines with impunity and who doesn’t? Karlie Kloss would never, right? But what would happen if, say, Selena Gomez did it? Or … is it a more sophisticated operation? Does Taylor send out emissaries for the purpose of information gathering? I would be impressed.