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I am not the expert. Not even close. I barely understand about the polar bears. And last night during a live chat on, I was clearly the token idiot they invited just to make sure that the really smart analysts had a f-cking moron to bounce off of. As noted, Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly and Nikki Stafford have the super intellectual answers and theories. Maybe they can answer for me what is Desmond? For some people it was the light. My most wanted however was the Desmond. Is Desmond an angel? Is Daniel Farraday’s bitchass of a mother an angel? F-ck I hate that woman. She doesn’t have to talk, I want to slap her anyway.

Some people are upset that the What is the Island question was never fully answered. But I prefer that the Island’s purpose remains in the abstract. That’s the point personal of the show. For me, the island is where you go to make it right, we should all be so lucky to get to go somewhere to make it right. The Island is the ultimate test, the one you have to complete to get to the sideways reality inside the church. Obviously Jack passed. People like Michael then would have failed. And Ben’s still... working on it? I feel badly that he’s still the one who keeps getting left out of the party. But I loved the look on his face when Hurley asked for his help. Benevolent Hurley gave Ben a job and this final kindness, sob!, is what Ben needs to find redemption, no matter how long, very long, it will take.

As for Sayid and Shannon – many of you thought it should be Nadia. Disagree. Nadia and Sayid were doomed from forever. In every version of reality, before crash, after crash, forward, backward, and sideways, Nadia and Sayid couldn’t work. Which ultimately means it was wrong. And the Island gave Sayid a chance to find someone he could love properly. Just because Shannon’s an annoying twat doesn’t change the principle behind his ultimate fulfillment.

But for me, the ultimate love anchor of the series has to be Sun and Jin. Most people focus on the Triangle, Jack vs Sawyer, Kate vs Juliet. When Sun and Jin died, and then when they “remembered”, this is when Lost is at its best. Sun happy-cries really, really well. Jack happy-cries in victory really, really well too. Did you see how emotional Matthew Fox was at the end during Kimmel? At the end it was all about Jack. The experts keep saying that Jack was supposed to die, always, in the pilot. And therefore all ends as it’s supposed to. The experts also insist that the way they found themselves there, from beginning to conclusion, was all planned too? This part, I’m not so sure.

Alright, enough for now. We could keep at it, and it would never cover it all and my interpretations are novice at best. Am happy however to carry on this conversation offline. Email your thoughts, can’t wait to read them. Click here for Doc Jensen and his preliminary analysis and here for Nikki Stafford’s.

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