The Family Madge is currently in LA and livin’ the LA lifestyle. Check out not so little anymore Lourdes being attended to at the nail spa yesterday. As you can see, this girl is already gorgeous. And showing signs of being her mother’s daughter.

Look at that arm extension! And the Kabbalah string! And the expression on her face – part entitlement, part bossy, part irritation, and definitely the hint of impatience.

This girl definitely wants it. How many years you reckon?

By the time she’s 14?

PS. Will you allow a pathetic , shameless anglophile to defend Madonna"s "British" accent? When a British person moves to North America, slowly they lose theirs or they adopt a more North American one.

Why can"t the same be true in the reverse? She married a Brit, she lives in London, she has done for years... it"s affected yes, but isn"t it also kinda normal?

Just asking...

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