Amid widespread speculation that her marriage is in trouble, Madonna trotted out the husband and the children last night in London for the premiere of Arthur and the Invisibles. But first… Rocco kills me – do you love him or what? I love him. And remember, 15 years from now, wait for the MaddRoc…Maddox Pitt and Rocco Ritchie, best friends and band mates – the future of gossip. For now of course it’s Rocco’s mother, looking wonderfully preserved per usual, if not a little desperate. Hey – I understand the need to show us all that things with Guy are nothing short of fantastic but is this kind of clinginess becoming of Madonna? If you weren’t entirely convinced of the rumours before, are you MORE convinced of them now? Already emasculated in the press for living in the shadow of an outspoken superstar, Guy Ritchie now has to endure the embarrassment of the Pity Clutch – performed for the cameras in a futile attempt to convey that it’s really HE who holds the power which, as we know, is a suggestion so preposterous, you have to wonder how bad it really is for her to be trying so desperately hard. Finally... can you believe Lola is 10? She’s gorgeous, non? And not that you can tell from just one photo, an absurd observation really, but something about the way she’s carrying herself, the way Madonna has her in age appropriate clothing with flat sensible shoes and a warm coat – getting the strong sense this girl has been raised well and I’m tell you… Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon will NOT be the next Britney or Lindsay or Paris or Dakota. Trust. Source