Lourdes of Madonna went to school this morning in New York wearing a skull sweater over leggings and a Gryffindor toque. This kind of makes me love her mother a lot. That this girl, who is walking around in a cloud of her own cool, with the clothing line and the blog and the fame and the access, is still as into Harry Potter as she’s into black eyeliner. I mean, for all of Madge’s f-ckery, at the very, very least, her 14 year old kid looks like a 14 year old kid. And behaves like one too. These are the qualities, by extension or otherwise, I wish we’d see more of from the Madge.

While we’re at it though, let’s geek out full on and discuss:

Would the Sorting Hat actually sort Lourdes into Gryffindor?

I’m… not convinced.

Everyone wants to be Gryffindor. Everyone likes to think they’re courageous and true, but you can’t fool the Sorting Hat. Which is why I know I would totally be in Slytherin House. No doubt. I have accepted this reality. As such, all of my sh-t is straight up Slytherin. Hats, shirts, scarves, all of it. Besides, the colour combination of Slytherin is amazing, non?

Photos from INF