It was announced yesterday that Love Actually is getting a sequel. Sort of. It’ll be a 10 minute segment short airing called Red Nose Day Actually airing in December as part of the telethon. Several cast members were seen on set today in London including Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster with Olivia Colson who played Joanna, who Sam was impossibly in love with.

It’s been 14 years. They’re all grown up. And still, actually, together? She’s shaking Liam’s hand. So it looks like it’s not that they’re together but perhaps meeting up again?

The shot of Liam and Thomas hugging though…

Those are the ones giving me all the feels. That was the real love story among those characters, non?

This of course is a little bittersweet. Because it’s already been confirmed that Emma Thompson won’t be back and part of that is because Alan Rickman is no longer with us. Richard Curtis, who wrote the movie, has already said that they stay together but as we saw at the end, it probably wasn’t happy.

Speaking of unhappiness…hopefully Andrew Lincoln isn’t stalking Keira Knightley anymore?