As you know, I have an Eminem problem. I can easily lose an hour or two on Shady googling. And I could definitely lose an hour watching him in this video. Have you seen it?

Rihanna is great. Eminem is talking to my lady business. Dominic Monaghan tries his best. And Megan Fox, well, she really is perfectly suited to the part. And I wanted to like her so much, I did. But her face is SO F-CKED I can’t get past it. Look how funny it is when she tries to cry. Is she in a bad relationship or did she lose her keys? (What’s up Lo!) And check out her Pretend Face at the 3:15 mark. It’s crazy how much she’s warped it.

You know when aliens morph into hot girls in the movies and always skeeve you out even before they turn back into lethal killing machines as soon as they take their clothes off? Megan Fox has turned her face permanently into an alien sex lure. Tragic.

Something to get I Want It That Way out of your head.

And this is Rihanna playing Toronto last night.

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