Lucy Liu at a premiere this week rockin’ the wonky, same eye as mine. Though my wonky eye has an added attribute – it wanders as well as it wonks, so not only is it a tad smaller, it also kinda slides to the inside when I’m talking to you.

But still…a huge honour to share the wonk with Lucy.

Because Lucy Liu is a favourite. And stunning. And 38 years old. And believe me, absolutely NO botox on this one. Trust.

It’s that Asian thing I’ve mentioned before. Age indiscriminate because of the Blessing and the Curse. The Blessing is we look good, we look young for a long time until the Curse Threshold. The Curse Threshold is usually around 60. Then at 60, it’s years and years of aging in – I’m telling you – like the space of a month. Seriously rapid… so rapid it’s beyond crazy. All of a sudden it’s a hunchback and wrinkles, white hair, sun spots, and many many moles.

My own mother is about 3 years away. The way she is fighting it is frightening. Last time I was home, every time I walked into the house there was a new putrid smell, some herb or cockroach concoction that Mrs Wu or Mrs Tam told her would keep the Curse back a few years. She kept trying to slip it into my soup too – Mammy give you Young Juice, drink Mammy Young Juice!

But every Asian knows… eventually, the Curse always comes.