As noted by Jacek, I have a wonk eye too. And there’s nothing subtle about it, also more noticeable when I wear glasses. Wish I could wear glasses all the time, but it’s simply not practical. Duana had the laser surgery a few years ago and it changed her life. I dream about it a lot but am too scared. And there’s a feng shui association with the eyes so my mother has outlawed the procedure.

If only I could wear my glasses as beautifully as Lucy Liu wears hers. I like the way it magnifies her wonk. I love the way she didn’t give a sh-t about magnifying her wonk on a red carpet, here at The Public Theatre Annual Gala last night in New York, ageless in that signature Asian way, as we really don’t show it until we hit 60, at which point we accelerate to 80 in the space of 2 months.

This recently happened to my mother. She is exactly 60. And it happened. Like they flipped a switch and decided it was time. It’s the most amazing phenomenon. They should make a tv show about the Asian aging process. Like follow an Asian lady the last 3 months of her life before she turns 60 and the 3 months after she turns 60. It’d be a fascinating science project.

Lucy just finished shooting a movie with Michael C Hall called East Fifth Bliss and is only one year younger than Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman.

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