Not for everyone, hell no. You may think it’s ugly – and you certainly wouldn’t be alone – but as opposed to Blake’s Barbara Walter’s moment, at least there’s something campy arty going on. At least it’s fun.

Lucy Liu’s pink and purple ensemble yesterday at Valentino in Paris, I mean.

Am all over the coat. LOVE the coat. It’s a one time coat, non? To be worn once and never repeated. Construction is amazing, almost don’t even mind the nauseating pink. What else could it be but sickening, nauseating pink? And accessorised by a bow!?!? Brilliant.

Only problem? Lucy doesn’t have the shazam for it. The papow factor. Gorgeous, yes. But intriguing? Absolutely not.

And the final verdict on Cashmere Mafia appears to be a resounding “holy sh*t it sucks so much ass.” As you probably know, Darren Star produced it. And he is also producing the Sex & the City Movie.

Just another bad sign in a long list of bad signs beginning with a bad idea.

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