Lupita Nyong’o went back to burnt orange last night for the premiere of Non-Stop last night in LA. On anyone else, this would have been a tacky mess. On her, it’s exquisite. And once again, her hair is the porn. Two parts and an ode to Bobby Brown.

As we’ve seen from her last two appearances, Lupita is stepping it up as we approach the Oscars. Will she be crowned that night? I hope so. And most of the experts think so. Especially since Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t been campaigning. But… not yet. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The New York Times published a very pro-Lawrence piece yesterday written by the highly esteemed Manohla Dargis who pretty much asserts that Lawrence is the best part of American Hustle and elevates the film with her “delectable, juicy, surprising performance”. Moving on to Lawrence’s personal life, Dargis writes that Lawrence “doesn’t appear especially interested in playing the star; being human seems enough for now”. Lawrence’s box office power is then discussed. And then the conclusion:

“Lawrence has) done her time posing and preening, playing the girlie girl, the paper doll and wide-eyed ingénue, but she’s also muscled onto the big screen alongside multimillion-dollar men like Robert Downey Jr. The odds still are not in her favor, but I’m betting on her to win.”

Are you betting on her to win?

Or is your vote still with Lupita? There’s a bag and home furnishings and lots of shoes on the line! Click here to enter my Annual Red Carpet Contest! You have until Saturday.

Academy members however have until today, at 5pm. How many of them read The New York Times? Click here to read the Lawrence piece.