This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. And it’s not that Sesame Street doesn’t always have a purpose, because of course kids are learning while they’re watching, but for Lupita, she’s always made it clear that, for her, there’s a consistency in her branding too. Even her cosmetics contract, though it could be perceived superficially, is by her explanation intended to be an example. That beauty can come in different colours, that the conversation around beauty should incorporate more colour, that by her involvement, she can empower those who look like her to appreciate the beauty in their own colour(s).

Which is what she’s doing here with Elmo.

What is skin?

You can’t ignore skin. And the point is not to make skin neutral – this is impossible, we all have eyes – but to celebrate its every variation. And I know, I know you’ve HEARD this before. But I think we can agree that hearing it and believing it, living it, are not the same.