The airport in Nice (closest airport to Cannes) is like a red carpet today. So many celebrities arriving ahead of the festival’s opening gala tomorrow. Including Lupita Nyong’o. It’ll be her second year. But I'm not sure if she’s ever been on the tapis rouge. Can’t find any shots of her at the Palais last year. As far as I can see, she was there for the Calvin Klein Women In Film party and that’s it.

Am hoping that will change this year as L’Oreal is one of the official sponsors of the Cannes Film Festival and Lupita is the face of Lancome, which is L’Oreal’s luxury brand. Missed her this year at the MET Gala. Need some Lupita dress porn in my life, and soon.

If you’re wondering, Jared Leto was in Rome yesterday, not too far away. At MOST I think they hook up when they’re in the same place. A yacht on the Riviera might be a nice change.