The very first whispers of the Golden Globes kissed my fingers through Twitter this year, and what it said was “Lupita Nyong’o in…Ralph Lauren? Really?” 

Over and over again this sentiment came up. Until everyone saw the dress, and then everyone had to change their tweeting to tired jokes about Kelly Osbourne’s hair.

Because Lupita is absolutely gorgeous in this. It is flawless. The only problem with a cape, if such a thing could be called a problem, is that you’re kind of obligated to sweep everywhere – and she was so totally up to the challenge. Her hair was sharp. She looked totally engaged but not too into herself and the spectre of what was happening (especially good since the movie almost got the whole shaft). She was picture perfect.   

It’s nice to have one.

(Lainey: ummm… you know what I’m about to say here, right? If you know me, you know who I’m thinking about where capes and red carpets and award shows are concerned. Ahem, her. Always her.)