MC Troublemaker, aka Lupita Nyong’o was on Lip-Sync Battle this week – did you see? Salt’n’Pepa are having a week! Beyoncé honoured them for Halloween and now Lupita doing Whatta Man, and killing it. So good she had to get sprayed down at the end.

I love that Lupita is slowly giving us more sides of herself. We already know about her intelligence, her principles, her commitment to the kind of work that is worthy of her talent, and the responsibility she takes with how she’s presented. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to have fun. That she can’t grind it down once in a while, give us a few distractions in between all the education she serves up too. Lupita knows how to play. And when she plays, it’s adorable, it’s sexy as f-ck, and also, it’s hilarious. Watch what happens at the 2:40 mark when even she gets distracted by the hotness who approaches her to take her hand.   

If you haven’t watched this yet it’ll put you in a great mood for the weekend.