Lupita Nyong’o did not win the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress. The British decided to honour Jennifer Lawrence instead. So even though Lupita’s been cleaning up for weeks, it might not be the sure thing they keep saying it is at the Oscars. If I had a ballot that counted, my vote would go to Lupita, obviously. That said, losing at the BAFTAs might not be all bad. It could galvanise her support base. Some who weren’t motivated to get on it may now be spurred to do so just to make sure she’s in for sure. And now that the Brange are heavily engaged in the process, that will help too.

But I can’t lie.

I don’t like this dress. She’s wearing it better than anyone else could possibly wear it, and the green is delightful on her, yes, but the dress itself lacks originality. The material. Those folds in the skirt. That gold belt…

You’ve seen that skirt. And you’ve seen that gold belt. Because it’s Dior. And Jennifer Lawrence did it in red last year for the Globes. Click here. No, please, CLICK HERE. See? It’s the same shape. It’s the shape Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing for an entire year.

So WHYYYYYYYYYY are we putting it on Lupita Nyong’o who deserves something altogether fresh and fun and for herself?!?

This, to me, is a major stylist error. Please correct for the Oscars.