Only for Lupita (who has achieved the One Name Singularity) will I once again leave the safety of my Zone of Willful Ignorance and venture into the realm of Star Wars rumors. Because there’s a rumor, one that is supported by The Hollywood Reporter, that Lupita is being considered for a principal role in JJ Abrams’ Episode VII. The last solid piece of info we had re: Episode VII was that Adam Driver was signing onto play the villain, and while casting rumors continue, this one piques my interest.

A lot of us have been anxious about Lupita’s post-Oscar prospects, and while being passed over in favor of Rooney Mara is not really encouraging, being up for a major role in a new Star Wars movie is. Abrams is talking up diversity and actually seems committed to the idea (unlike the folks over at Pan). And it doesn’t get any bigger than new Star Wars. Lupita has the Oscar polish, now she just needs the franchise finish and she’ll be well and truly ensconced in the upper echelon of young female talent. I want this for Lupita. I want her to be able to do any project, of any size, with no stipulations. I want her to have the same opportunities and considerations as Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence.

It’s also a good sign for Star Wars that this is the caliber of actor Abrams is pursuing. I mean, it’s not like he could make a worse movie than any one of the prequels. God those movies were horrible. All the mythology built up and hinted at in the original Star Wars and George Lucas dedicated three movies to f*cking trade agreements and senate hearings. Because, yeah, that’s the part of the Star Wars universe we all wanted to explore, the f*cking paperwork. The only way Abrams could f*ck it up worse is if he made us confront a decrepit Han Solo …Well sh*t.