Like I said at the top of the blog today – no dress punched me in the face with the real and true “best” at this year’s Oscars. Everything felt so … safe. So… subdued. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was a general lack of imagination. I mean, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock were practically wearing the same thing. The fact that they were nominated in the same category and both wore strapless midnight blue gowns pinched at the waist is a major bore for me. Sorry. Cate Blanchett wasn’t that much better –sartorially – either.

So why Lupita?

On Jessica Chastain it’s sea foam. On Lupita Nyong’o it’s Nairobi blue, reminding her of home. Custom Prada. And she lit it up, elevating an otherwise ordinary dress with her extraordinary everything else. It was the way she moved in it. So that the beading embedded sparingly in those pleats in the skirt caught the light now and again and made it look like there was a waterfall swirling around her when she walked. And goddamn her skin. That skin makes everything better next to it. Mostly though, after hearing her speak, how can you deny Lupita anything? She was the f-cking best last night. The BEST. And maybe it’s better that she chose to scale back instead of jamming it in our faces. Maybe we would have felt differently if she’d come in all “wrong and strong”, an expression my friend Traci Melchor uses often which has become one of my favourites because it’s so right for some people. Robin Thicke is wrong and strong. Lady Gaga last night? Wrong and strong.

Lupita? Never wrong and strong.

Rather it grows on you, doesn’t it? The more I look at this dress and the headband and the whole package, the better it gets. Kind of the best way to fall in love.