Star Wars is Sarah’s domain. This really isn’t a Star Wars post but I’m mentioning it because there’s a new Star Wars TV spot that’s just come out and Lupita is talking about “eyes” and everyone is freaking out because…

Is Han Solo Rey’s father?

Every time I watch the Star Wars trailer I feel like crying. It’s the music. It makes me MISS me. And they hit on that here when they tell you in the caption that Every Generation Has A Story.

Anyway, I’ll leave the Star Wars geek breakdown and analysis to Sarah for tomorrow because she’s readying a new post. My focus today is on Lupita. Here are some new shots of her in New York over the last couple of days arriving at the Public Theatre. As you know, she’s currently performing on Broadway in Eclipsed. And last week there was a hit piece on Lupita in the Daily Mail about how she’s a “manipulative bitch” and doesn’t talk to any of her colleagues except when they’re performing and now, supposedly, they all hate her. Click here to read it.

Is Lupita an asshole? Is she horrible and selfish? It’s possible. I mean I’ve never heard anything that would support it but, sure, it’s possible. But Lupita is also not, say, Ariana Grande. This is the first time there’s ever been any kind of story about Lupita behaving like a dick. And that’s why it feels like it’s come out of nowhere. Also why people aren’t paying much attention to it. Because Lupita has built up a lot of good will. That’s why you build good will. First because it’s the right thing to do. But also because it gives you some insurance. She has enough of it that I’m willing to wave this one away. You?