Lupita Nyong’o: Queen of press tours

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There are certain celebrities who do press tours that feel WAY too long. Halfway through a Blake Lively press tour I’m like, “can this movie open already so I don’t have to see her face every time I turn on my television or hear about how many times her baby burped that day?” Same goes for Kate Hudson. And Reese Witherspoon. (Lainey: and Zac Efron.) I have the opposite reaction to Lupita Nyong’o. Every time I see her on a carpet or in an interview for Queen of Katwe, I think, “God, I hope this press tour never ends.”

On Wednesday night, Lupita was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert being as charming as ever and looking flawless as usual. You may have noticed that Lupita is rocking headwraps with every one of her press outfits. Her stylist told Essence that this is a deliberate nod to her character, Harriet, in Queen of Katwe who wears headscarves throughout the film. The idea of someone doing an entire press tour in looks inspired by their character sounds like a terrible idea. It sounds cheesy, try-hard and something only Lady Gaga would do. Lupita pulls it off effortlessly and elegantly. Plus, the fact that she and David Oyelowo have committed to wearing African fabrics and designers on big Hollywood red carpets makes me so happy. My brother changed into a traditional Ghanaian outfit during his wedding reception but now, he’s kicking himself that he didn’t think to incorporate Ghana’s Kente cloth into his tux like David did here:

My point: Queen of Katwe is a celebration of Africa. As I said in my review, the film’s portrayal of life in Uganda is the most on point depiction I have ever seen of the continent on screen. Fashion is one of the most universal art forms. We rarely see traditional African outfits on red carpets. David and Lupita are making a choice to show pride for this film and their roots in the most beautiful way.

Anyway, back to Colbert. In his interview with Lupita, Stephen Colbert called Queen of Katwe his “favourite movie of the year.” It really is that good. It comes out today. So, you’re going to see it right? I’m going again with my mom this weekend. Please go see it. Let’s not give Disney any excuses to think films set in Uganda starring all black casts with young girls as their leads can’t succeed at the box office.

Lupita also talked to Colbert about celebrating the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture or as woke bae Jesse Williams called it, “the Where’s Waldo of black excellence.” I love that so much. I love that Lupita has a rap alter ego named “Troublemaker,” a nickname Common gave her. I love Lupita comparing Kenya and Uganda to New York and New Jersey so Colbert can understand the difference. I love everything about her. Can this press tour last forever?

Watch Lupita’s full interview with Colbert below.

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