For all the dresses she wore during award season, even the red caped Ralph Lauren which, frankly, I wasn’t super hand-jobby about anyway, this topped them all. Lupita in Chanel at the MTV Movie Awards basically ruining it for everyone else.

Who else do you remember?

Not Alba’s neoprene. Not much else, actually.

Lupita is the only. And since she appeared early on in the show, they spent the rest of the night cutting away to her in the audience repeatedly through the event. Her expression was mostly…polite. That’s what she is: polite. She stayed. She wasn’t hiding in a green room backstage. She didn’t leave by helicopter as soon as they were done with her. Lupita wanted to experience. And she seems to remember that it’s a privilege to experience. That there’s still joy in the experience. Joy to be appreciated. It’s why we appreciate her.