Lynne Spears appeared on The Today Show this morning to promote that book - the one in which she reveals “a mother’s heartbreak” watching Britney deal with the pleasures and the peril of fame.

Of course, as you would expect, they softballed her the entire time. No tough questions, no challenges, just straight up pandering for almost 10 minutes.

I get it if you’re Access Hollywood. If you’re a celebrity friendly show that has to protect future exclusives. But shows like Today and GMA show no compunction when grilling political candidates and regular randoms who breed their cats with orangutans or crazy teens who engage in orgy-offs, grilling them to the point of discomfort…why is it then that when it comes to celebrities, all of a sudden all the tough talk goes out the window?

Meredith Viera readily accepted Lynne’s claim that she did not push her kids into showbiz. That it was not her dream. Lynne said that it was Britney who pushed her.

A six year old pushing her mother behind the wheel of the car, pushing her mother to put make up on her face, pushing her mother to drive her juvie ass up to the audition hall…

Oh… is that how it all went down?

And the most important issue off all, completely sidestepped by Meredith:

If fame was so dangerous, and if she claims to not have wanted any of it, why then is she SELLING A F&CKING BOOK based on the hardships of her two girls?

Nope. Didn’t go there.

And millions of them were watching. The MiniVan Majority, sympathising, empathising, and above all admiring – admiring Lynne’s “courage”, and hoping for the same.

Yay for child stardom!

Attached –photos of Britney out and about yesterday looking slim in black jeans, continuing to stay focused in spite of the fact that her mother just sold her out… again.

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