Let’s start with Carly Rae Jepsen who was the big winner last night at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. As I’ve been mentioning, mostly in Smutty Tingles lately, I am not tired of that song yet. Still. Not even close. In fact, all I want to do is listen to it over and over again especially when I’m running which is why I have to resist the urge to just have it on repeat on my iPod. Do you daydream while you’re running? As a way to cope with the torture? My daydreams are ridiculous and totally Chariots Of Fire-ish. You can create a surprisingly great Chariots Of Fire running daydream with Call Me Maybe is all I’m saying.

While I was in Safeway the other day I was punched in the face by all the magazine covers of “KELLY CLARKSON’S 30 POUND WEIGHT LOSS! HOW SHE DID IT! FOLLOW HER PLAN!” I guess that’s why she’s wearing an optical illusion dress. Happy for her and totally love her but please let them not turn her into Jennifer Hudson who went from the girl who can sing to the girl who lost 80 lbs on Weight Watchers, you know?

As for Katy Perry - she wore Vawk by Sunny Fong, winner of Project Runway Canada Season 2; I was obsessed with him when the show was on. Dylan shot an interview with Katy this weekend. He is particularly good with lighting, Dylan. And she complimented him on it. Here’s an abbreviated version of how that went down:

Katy: I like the lighting. It’s nice and soft.

Dylan: That’s the only thing I do soft. Everyone else I do hard.

Katy’s makeup person: Um, do we need to close the door?

Dylan: I didn’t mean it like that!

Katy (smiling): F-ck off, you knew exactly where you were going.

I mean, from this exchange, it would seem like you can still joke with Katy Perry like a normal person, right? It’s not often that Dylan, a camera person, is able to engage with a star. Most of them close themselves off, don’t bother with the lowly people. Obviously he’s a little bit in love with her now. When I messaged him the next day asking if he’d seen her again, he wrote back to tell me that “there’s a wall between us”.

And finally...

Do I need to worry about Selena and Justin not posing together on the carpet? He picked her up at the airport the day before and they went up for a helicopter ride...so...no? But that certainly was the buzz question last night. And I guess it’s because he’s 18 now. And first love doesn’t last forever. Often it ends in a dance off in Los Angeles.

Can you believe we’re coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the Britney/Justin Dance Off? It happened on August 1, 2002 at The Lounge. Um, click here if you’ve never seen the Amy Poehler/Matt Damon version of this beautiful thing.

Also attached - photos from the Universal Music Canada and Just Dance 4 afterparty with LMFAO. Congratulations to Naz Z who won 2 VIP tickets to the event. PK Subban was there too and I’m highlighting this because I’ll be at the NHL Awards this week and really hope the guys there will have a better sense of humour than Martin Brodeur.