Written by Duana

I have gone on elsewhere about the nonsense that was the Kanye-Taylor sing-battle, ie. the best pop-culture grudge since Justin and Britney had a dance off, but that doesn't mean there weren't other glorious moments

So Nicki Minaj sang "Your Love" live at the VMA Red Capet, delighting me with the "no more I love yous" sample and spilling into a delicious medley. The fact that she was utterly still for the first two minutes of this performance reminds us that she is no Britney - that she's as authentic as they come, but um, doesn't that mean that she should be able to sing...like, at all? I know that "well" is a really relative term, and lord knows I can be lectured on that. But seeing as she didn't sing all that “well”, why make that particular choice? It got to the point where Will.I.am heading out in what looked like a throwdown outfit-off challenge to Gaga was an immense relief.

So I won't deny that Minaj is ridiculously cute, but based on the fact that Chelsea Handler (who I thought was disappointing) and Lainey could only comment on the size of her assets, I would love to be further enlightened on the Minaj.

Other thoughts:

Not enough reaction shots during Florence and the Machine. I would have paid to see Eminem react to the gospel choir overshadowed by flying wood-nymphs as she declared 'the dog days are over'...

Everything there is to say about Drake has been said, but really, when is the last time "girls with degrees" got a shout out? N.B. On second listen I distinctly heard 'diplomas' instead, which is nothing to sneeze at except that I understand kids get diplomas for kindergarten now. Did I wishful-think the word 'degree'?

A word on Hayley Williams of Paramore. I have given exactly not very much thought to this person, nor her band, not least because I know that band and Twilight are inextricably linked. But she came out and killed two songs, singing live for real, with minimal makeup that actually let me see her adorable facial features. And she is so,so,so thrilled to be there, and I couldn't actually believe that she was allowing herself to be in the moment and enjoy herself and still managed to nail her performance. I suspect this mean she's going to be one of these dark horse types who may never have a huge moment in the sun - but a long career even after the days of cute front-girl are behind her.

What else? Lainey says she thinks Mary J Blige is always off key which...I can't think of the right metaphor right now but I'm sure you all can weigh in...(From Lainey: Duana, how many times do I have to tell you that Jully Black said I was good???)

Killer set, though. I loved it. Oscars, take note.

Written by Duana
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