Next week.

Macaulay Culkin.

And still very, very reclusive and really random with his appearances. Like last year he showed up on WWE. The f-ck?

Macaulay was in London last night with brother Kieran for the UK premiere of Scott Pilgrim and the afterparty, a rare sighting. Umm...something about this, he’s hot to me. Am I f-cked?

Whatever. I know more than several of you who were having problems watching Saved because he bothered you with his sexiness in that wheelchair. Don’t lie. You will not be judged by God, that movie was good. Why don’t I own the DVD?

As for Macaulay, at last check he and Mila Kunis were still together, 8 years now. But I am SO curious. How does that work? How does he work when he doesn’t have to work? Inside his head, what’s that like? I want to know.

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