Written by Duana

(I certainly hope you groaned at the worst pun I’ve ever made)

So – the deal is done! Mad Men is happening! Matthew Weiner’s reported $25-30 million is actually spread over three years, instead of two – so while Seasons 5 and 6 are guaranteed - imagine Joan with a toddler! – Season 7 might not be beyond the realm of possibillty.

Word is Weiner basically won. He got to keep his cast – some reports say that was actually a misnomer since the actual concern was that he ‘stay on budget’ per episode and cutting cast was only one suggestion of how to do that – and product placement will, of course, be at Weiner’s discretion.

So how are you feeling? Excited? Appetite whetted for the episodes? Wishing away the next 8 months so the show can start?

That’s what Weiner and AMC hoped. As Lainey would say, gossip is a buffet, nothing is an accident, and these talks could’ve been a little more tight-lipped than they were. Except it benefitted everyone to get you excited about the show and get it some column inches it won’t otherwise have until production begins (mid-late sumer)

Now that Weiner’s won his fight, of course, the actual work begins. He has to make the show worthy of all this attention and acclaim. He has to make sure you don’t lose interest halfway through season 5 – after all, part of the reason he was able to win his deal is because everyone’s salivating to find out what will happen to these characters, and, as Weiner proved last year, he can change the whole scope of the show – new office, new characters, new agency – and we’ll still watch.

You clamored for him to get the right to make the show the way he wants. Are you going to do your part and be there to watch?

File Photo from John Shearer/Gettyimages.com