According to the Daily Mail, this is Pax. Cute little guy, non? The orphanage director said he’s quite shy, cried naturally when he met half of his new family, and was held and kissed by Angie and then comforted by Maddox. Angelina and her two sons are expected to remain in Vietnam until at least after the weekend for paperwork etc and then head back to LA to rejoin Brad and the girls. Brad was apparently contractually obligated to stay on set but sources say the adoption is very much what they both want and as I wrote yesterday, both parents were present and assessed during home visits as part of the adoption procedure. Word from Vietnam is that Angelina has been on the phone steadily, that she checks in often back home, and that she often passes the phone to Maddox who has been overhead mumbling to his “Dad”. I"m told the “mumbling” is quite endearing. Will keep you posted. Source