It’s been widely published that Lourdes Leon is 12 years old today – same day as Care to Truth or Dare! Oddly enough though, Madonna shouted out her firstborn during her show on Saturday night, saying it was her beloved’s birthday that night…

But the real date is not the point. The point is that Lola is 12.



I’m old.

But the good news is… Lola is not.

Lola actually still looks 12. And so far, she is by all accounts a lovely girl. Lola is universally described as engaging, well mannered, and friendly and was on her best behaviour the other day when she went to get her nails done.

Thanks to Stacey for the following Lola in person observation:

“Super-cute sighting yesterday in NYC, was getting my nails done at Dashing Diva on the UWS and in walked Madonna's daughter and her two friends to get manis & pedis! She was extremely polite to everyone working there and picked out a dark purple shade for her nails before sitting down at the pedicure station with her girlfriends where they chatted quietly amongst themselves. They were accompanied by a 20-something minder who asked in French if they were all set on their own, one of the other girls said they were and so she left them for their girl's day out - might have been a b-day party for Lourdes? Seeing her in person I TOTALLY agree that Madonna has made the right "mom" decision in not allowing her to grow up too fast (eye-brow waxing, etc.) and she dressed chic but very much her age. She will be a beauty in a few years. As a life-long fan of the Madge this was a special treat!”


See? I’ve been loving the unkempt eyebrows forever. And she’s more than enough time and more than enough years to pluck and prune away. As for her clothing…

Like many of you lucky ones, Lola has the luxury of borrowing from mom’s closet and twisting Madonna’s pieces with her own signature touch. Click here for the photos.

You might think it’s inappropriate and sad on Madonna’s part that her 12 year old can wear her clothes but please… consider the alternative.

Consider someone like me, whose mother dresses in denim suits with rhinestones. Who thinks that I’m low classy because I refused to wear her Jones New York power suit to a party, who eclipsed me at my own wedding with her pink Chinafied pill box hat, studded with fake pearls and matching peach heeled slippers.

Up until that point, my friends thought I was exaggerating about her. Oh they learned that day. Oh they learned: there’s no exaggerating the Judy.

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