They just arrived. Guy is with her. He"s f*cking hot. But if we"re going to play body language assumption, it just doesn"t feel right. Posing together is almost perfunctory. Or maybe that"s because I"ve just spent a week quivering over Pitt Porn.

She does look happy though. And the top of her dress is gorgeous. The bottom however is ass.

She climbed the steps and regally looked over her subjects. Laura actually squealed. I think she has a fever. Then she called up Sharon Stone to join her.

Sharon came up and they posed on the landing together and Sharon leaned down and told M - you look amazing! And M was like... Thank you (bitch). That part was silent and dangling.

Next they headed through the press area. Guy first, very relaxed and jovial, and a sexy beast.

She came a few minutes later surrounded by huge bodyguards. Got a glimpse of the shoes. Sooo high. And a little bit of a throwback to the Fluevog days. The heel flared out a bit at the bottom.

She is tiny.

I love Guy. Or should I say Gay?

The announcer on the carpet kept calling him Gay Reeshay. And the name of her movie - I Am Because YOU Are.

That man probably won"t survive the night. Madge only forgives her husband.

Photos from Wenn