RED is everywhere. Gap is now RED. And Christy Turlington is now modelling for RED Gap. Love.Her. One of the precious few getting better with age, non? And her breasts too. Nice to see her happy, healthy, a devoted mother in a committed relationship. After what was a rocky beginning pre-marriage, I hear Ed Burns absolutely adores her, and um, did I ever mention that Christy and my best friend Gwyneth are pretty tight? Just asking... Anyway, heads up Vancouver - on the heels of the Madonna adoption following the Angelina adoption, there is much debate about an emerging "trend". Some of you have written, incensed about the rather faddish feel of the situation, quick to point out other solutions, other ways of helping the hard-hit. Well, here"s your chance… Thursday October 19th - a gala fundraiser in Vancouver at the Pacific Crab Co, Denman and Davie. The Goal? $11,700 to create a food fund for the patients of the Soweto Home-Based Care Givers co-op, a struggling group that provides food, shelter, antiretroval drugs and, most importantly, love and dignity to those dying of AIDS in the South African township of Soweto. Check out the website for more information Photo source