For months now, Janice Min and Us Weekly have been taking on bottom feeding rags like Life & Style and In Touch for their bullsh*t reporting. Lately however the target has been OK! Magazine, possibly because OK! has landed a few exclusives – Jamie Lynn Spears especially – and outbidding everyone but People on photos.

Now OK! is fighting back. And how.

The following passage can be found in their latest issue – it’s a full on attack!

When Madonna brought her adorable daughter, Lourdes, 11, as a date to her Raising Malawi fund-raiser on Feb. 6, the tabloid Us Weekly decided it would be more interesting to report a marital rift between Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie than the boring truth that Madge was raising millions for children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. Under the headline Madonna & Guy’s Bitter Fight, the angry rag turned a cute Mommy-and-me day into exclamation-point-inducing drama. Fight! Rift! Breakup! BS. When OK! asked a real pal of the songbird to comment, we were met with disappointment. Absolutely not they couldn’t be happier, says the friend, who has a few choice words to say about Us Weekly. The only question here is why that pitiful little publication would target Madonna when she’s doing something so obviously charitable. That rag needs to get its facts straight. Madonna’s rep called the fabrication just ridiculous and added that everything’s fine with the Ritchies. We wish we could say the same about Us Weekly!

Damn. It’s on y’all. Because anyone who messes with Min gets it up the ass.

Remember, the Pitts weren’t playing ball with Us Weekly for a while and Janice put Angelina on the cover and called her life “twisted”. My money’s on the Min. You?