I really wish they’d hold hands, you know? Because every time Madonna and Guy Ritchie step out, they carry each other like my parents. This is not sexy.

So here they are last night in New York at a special screening for Revolver, a film Guy shot over 3 years ago and has yet to see an American release because it was so poorly received two years ago after it hit the film festival circuit.

Remember Madge and Guy at TIFF 2005? Great story behind this one:

They booked into the Soho Met in Toronto, penthouse suite. The Soho Met is renowned for this suite: three floors, 4,000 square feet, an elevator inside, two full size kitchens, wrap around balcony… word is it goes for $5K a night. Crazy.

Anyway, at the time, Gwyneth was also in town promoting Proof. Neither was aware they had reserved at the same hotel. So when Madge found out Gwynnie was staying in the same building, she turned the penthouse suite into a little girl’s party room and threw a girly bash for Apple. Apparently everyone at the festival ended up dropping by – Madge and Apple’s was the place to be!

But I digress.

About Revolver – it tanked in the UK. Which is why Guy hasn’t been up to much in years. But he’s tweaked the film and now Madge wants to help make Revolver a hit in the States so rumour has it she’s throwing her full weight behind it and inviting her famous friends in the hopes that last night’s premiere would attract much needed attention.

Guy has also been much more chatty of late, showing up on a few red carpets with the children, and granting an interview to Extra last week during which he talked about his headline-making family and their holiday rituals:

On Christmas:
"The kids are only allowed three presents. As long as the kids get three presents at Christmas, everyone’s being happy.”

On having more kids:
“Who knows. My wife and myself like kids so we’ll have to wait and see what happens."

My wife, my wife…is your smutty sense tingling??? Then again, my annoying Gwyneth does the same thing. She never refers to Chris by name, preferring to say “my husband” instead, as a way not to encourage interest, to keep the public at bay about her marriage. No doubt Guy will have the same excuse…though underneath, I hear there are much more complicated issues at work. But since it’s been a while since his wife fell off a horse or walked into door.
Back to that penthouse suite, just in case you’re interested…

The Metropolitan Hotels https://www.metropolitan.com/ group is running a special program from January – March 2008 offering random upgrades to EVERY hotel guest who books during that time in Toronto and Vancouver.

Which means that if you have a reservation at the Soho Met in Toronto, upon arrival, you may be upgraded immediately into Madonna’s penthouse suite at no additional cost. Or they might send you a basket full of Sarah Jessica Parker’s favourite spa items when she stayed there. Or in Vancouver, you could be treated to a Halle Berry mani/pedi and more luxury items…

If you score that Penthouse Suite, throw a party and invite me!

PS. Madge looks lovely, doesn"t she? She should give Nicole Kidman a surgeon referral. Seriously.


Photos from Splash and Wenn