On the heels of her publicist’s announcement that the Ritchie marriage was all kindsa “joyful”, here are Madonna and Guy last night in London, out for dinner at their favourite Harry’s Bar, emphatically putting to rest all those rumours that a split would be imminent.

As I mentioned the other day, am now convinced she played us all. Consider that almost every pap agency was there last night, even those who don’t normally pap celebrities – agencies that stay on the good side of the stars, showing up primarily on red carpets and invited functions only… even those agencies were tipped off. And curiously enough, because they take the best photos, they were standing closest to the door when the Ritchies emerged.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Madonna’s been in the news non stop every day for a week. If not about the state of her union then about her new song 4 Minutes to Save the World being used to sell hair products. And then the release of her Hard Candy Album cover. And Interview Magazine…

Guerrilla marketing under the guise of gossip…

Is she f&cking brilliant, or what?

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com