Are you rolling your eyes? Of course you"re rolling your eyes. Would a discussion about Gwyneth really be a discussion about Gwyneth if you weren"t rolling your eyes? Gwyneth in Spanish Vogue looking lovelier than she has in ages and waxing ad nauseum about her privileged life: in addition to taking the former Princess of Bulgaria to the Oscars, my Gwynnie also hangs out in a yummy mummy playgroup with Stella McCartney and Madonna… "I have friends like Stella McCartney or Madonna, and very often our children get together to play. Although usually we leave them in bed and stay to drink a glass of wine." Now you"re groaning, yes? But what most people abhor about Gwyneth is what makes me love her. Better the celebrity who would never be friends with you and admits to it than the celebrity who pretends she would but spends most of her time sunbathing in Malibu surrounded by security and hanging out with her equally condescending BFF who abuses her staff. What’s especially amusing about Gwynnie though is the not-so-subtle way she"s going about "re-entering" Hollywood as a "housewife" now ready to go back to work, hypocritically courting the MiniVan Majority as if she could ever be lumped in with regular mothers who manage post-pregnancy emploment, because even when she tries to be "common" she"s as far from "common" as it gets… which is why I wish she"d stop. Stop apologising, stop kowtowing, stop listening to the advice of Stephen Huvane, whose longterm American"s Sweetheart strategy doesn"t seem to be working anymore with Jennifer Aniston either. My Gwyneth is a Royal Bitch. So why hide her Bitch under a Bushel? Source and Source