While Jennifer Aniston is receiving yet another public dumping, Madonna is adopting in Africa and establishing programs to help AIDs orphans in the region. According to Reuters, the newest member to the Madge mansion is a little boy, her choice from 12, after changing her mind from an original female selection two weeks ago. Quite obviously super admirable and maybe I’m just a wicked bitch but seriously, the way the news outlets are describing it, it’s sounds kinda like a buffet, you know what I mean? Anyway, while Star Magazine has indicated that Guy was scheduled to travel to Malawi with her, none of the hardcore news agencies have made mention of his name. Still waiting for further details – I’m sure People will be all over this in an hour – but my smutty sense has been tingling…for once I’m hoping this is a false alarm. Sigh. Too bad she hates Angelina Jolie. As I’ve said before, Maddox and Rocco have the makings of Gossip Future, Ben and Matt in 20 years with a little bit o’ Hilton thrown in for good measure. Wouldn’t it be the cutest thing if they all hung out? Brad and Guy on the bbq, Madonna and Angie tossing the casserole – do you love it? Or do you LOVE it?