Supposedly the cover for their new single 4 Minutes to Save the World. Many of you have emailed with disappointment, saying it looks cheap.


Me likey. Me kinda likey that it’s a little ghetto. Like “glam” and even the use of the word is so 2002, you know what I mean? Think for instance: would Carrie Underwood let her roots go on an album cover? Hell no.

But Madge? Madge absolutely. Madge the big sister to her little Pip bitch. Ha.

Interesting to note though – they photoshopped her arms so that they look like a normal person’s. Isn’t that a sign then? That her arms need to chill the f&ck out?

Speaking of… of course Madonna hit up the gym again today. Photos attached. Girl, can’t you take a day off? Have a cupcake???

OK but seriously…how does skin like that happen???

Photos from Splash