Enough with the comments that she could be his mother. The point is, she could be his mother but she can still match him groove for groove. And she can also kick his ass.

As for the griping about the dirty dancing – watch it for yourself. There’s dancing, yes. But it ain’t dirty, no. What it is is chemistry. And it’s fun. It’s two people grooving at their best and putting on a wicked show. And crazier still… at 50, SHE’s the one who makes HIM cool. If only he"d get rid of that tv piece of ass who won"t let go. Talking about dating down, you know?

Anyway, check it out – Madonna on stage last night to celebrate the release of Hard Candy at the Roseland Ballroom for a half hour set. Justin joined her for a high spirited 4 Minutes To Save the World – clip is below. Love his pants, love his jacket, love his hair, love his gait, love the way he holds his body… seriously, to me he has never been hotter. Madonna makes him hotter.

And then backstage, Madonna lounging with JT during an interview…collaborative artists and now apparently close friends. Her skin, as you can see, is flawless but not frightening. Her body, as you can see, is ripped beyond ripped.


Worship Madonna.

How much do I worship Madonna? For Madonna I would thaw out my womb and have a Chinese baby just so she could adopt it. Anything for Madonna.