She’s headed back to Malawi – official reason is because she is “overseeing the building of a children"s health care center” but gossip is already swirling about her intentions to adopt another child. This time a 3 year old girl called Grace. Funny that. Isn’t the newly christened Pax Thien Jolie, brother of Maddox, Zahara, and the Chosen One, also 3? Like last time, her rep is vehemently denying the reports. UK tabloids however seem to think it’s a forgone conclusion. Will keep you posted.

As for who she’ll be traveling with – David Banda is expected to join her for a reunion with his biological father, and Lourdes and Rocco are coming along too. But not Guy Ritchie. Some say it’s because he’s busy working on Suspects, the new television pilot he’s directing and producing for ABC starring Carrie Ann Moss. Others say he’s just being an unsupportive dickhead although to be fair, I think I believe the work angle. Guy has been unemployed and unproductive for years. And given that he’s been living in a rather large shadow for the better part of a decade, actually having a job for a change must be refreshing.