Madonna was at Macy’s in New York yesterday to launch her fragrance Truth Or Dare. It’s her hair, I think. The way she’s styling it here. It’s softening her face, right? Am I crazy? Because to me it’s the best she’s looked in a long time even though she seemed really keen to pose with her hands behind her back in most photos. God I am exhausted for her. Just... work it, own it. Those are your lyrics!

But let’s not be too hard; it was a rough week for Madge. Most of the headlines focused on the sh-tty second week sales of MDNA. MDNA came out the gate moving 350,000 copies but the album dropped 88% to 46,000 copies after that, a fact her long-time publicist Liz Rosenberg could not avoid as she explained:

"Can't deny that there [was] a drop on the second week of sales, and a significant one, but I would not say the CD tanked. It still has had the highest debut of 2012 and was number one in many countries. And the game ain't over." (Source)

No, it’s not over. Because Madonna makes her cash money on tour. I can’t see her tour being a bust.