Pipsqueak with the enormous ego, who likens himself the saviour of all music and God’s gift to harmony – finally something has come out of his mouth that isn’t sanctimoniously obnoxious.

The bad news: Pip is not working with Britney… yet. But as we all know, he wrote a few tracks for Madonna and he is also producing songs for a variety of other musicians from a variety of other musical genres.

Because remember y’all…Pip ain’t just Pop. Which means Macy Gray and Rihanna have benefited from his artistic super duper genius, as well as Reba McEntire:

"I want to write country music, because that"s where I grew up — Tennessee. Soul music … I want to be involved in hip-hop. And sometimes I feel the only way to really express all those different sides, even just for myself, is through different people."

JT for Reba? Am intrigued, can’t wait to hear it.

Pip writes for others, Pip is just like Prince, non? And not a bad role model either.