The adoption story that just.won"t.die. So little David goes home to La Madge. Malawi groups oppose the adoption, objecting to - among other things - the Hollywoodification of the process - even though the boy"s biological father angrily defended Madge"s new motherhood in the press. That was on Wednesday. Cut to the weekend and he"s now claiming he was misinformed, that he simply thought Madonna and family would care for his child until such time as he would be able to resume care for David himself, not knowing that adoption meant permanence. He also said that the director of the orphanage, who is refusing to comment, kept him in the dark about the true nature of the procedure and asked him to sign documents that he could not read. Then of course there"s the "Brangelina" angle. UK tabloids are now reporting that Madonna and Guy had intended to adopt a baby from America, deep into the process of adopting a child with the Vista del Mar centre in California until Angelina supposedly swooped in and talked them out of it, imploring the Ritchies to go to Africa to raise awareness there instead. But, as you know, with so much gossip and controversy surrounding the story, Madonna is taking it to the one person who can make it alright, the one person who can quell a storm, who can shout down an earthquake if it dared cross her path. Who else but The Mighty Opes? A full hour with Oprah during which time Madge will defend her decision and separate good fiction from bad fiction and Oprah will approve and the audience will approve and then trample each other on their way out because Oprah says it"s ok to adopt babies from Africa which means everyone should adopt a baby from Africa, savvy? Tune in Wednesday for the great hypnosis. And if that"s still not enough, tune in a few days later to the Tonight Show and the Today Show for more Mother Madonna on the campaign trail. I wonder by then if she"ll have had her roots re-done. At the risk of sounding shallow, last week they looked rather overgrown, non?