It’s rare to hear him not talking about Sexytime and attacking gypsies and Jews and exclaiming Wawaweewa, or bigging up bouyakasha respeck the virtues of his mum’s poom poom bush and assuring us he doesn’t like it up the bati – or as he says “bah-ee). In fact, I’ve never heard Sacha Baron Cohen as Sacha Baron Cohen. But surprise surprise – Borat and Ali G were absent at the British Comedy Awards the other night replaced by the real Hotness and the accent is pure quiveration. Have a look at the clip here and Madonna’s introduction of him too. Seriously, she looked ridiculously amazing that night. The dress, the hair, the occasional slip of the “English” accent and of course the way she took the “black baby” insult with aplomb – classic Madge. And maybe it’s just me but she didn’t look pissed at all. But you be the judge. Source