But not the right Guy.

Big party last night with some major heavy hitters – all for CAA of course – and it looks like Madonna is in a festive mood. You’ve probably already heard: she and Demi Moore and Guy Oseary will host a post-Oscar bash to fill the void of Vanity Fair at a private residence in Westwood, although most nominees, winners, and presenters will spend a few hours at the Governor’s Ball first before deciding whether or not they want to extend their evenings.

Madge of course has gradually been increasing her profile in advance of the release of her new CD. There are also whispers that she’s fellating the film community to better position her own Filth & Wisdom and Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Rocknrolla which he’s been cutting here in LA.

But if I were Guy, I’d probably step out of that edit suite now and again and put in some face time of his own with his wife. It’s now been several public occasions without a husband and even more intriguing, in the presence of an EX husband.

Sean Penn and Madonna both at the CAA bash last night. A freshly shaved, freshly separated Sean looked kinda hot. Still waiting for word about whether or not they found themselves in an awkward corner but if there’s one man Madonna probably will never get over completely, it is Sean Penn.

Note – is that Petra Nemcova leaving behind him? New hook up? Hope not for her sake. Because if she thought James Blunt’s cheating was bad, she’s in for a world of heartbreak with Sean Penn.

Photos from Wenn.com